Project Description:

The Emerging Pacific Leaders' Dialogue (EPLD) 2014 is an event of national and regional significance scheduled to take place in October 2014. Its aim is to strengthen the capacity of the Pacific region's future leaders to manage challenges collaboratively, positively and creatively.

EPLD 2014 will be the third Pacific leadership development initiative staged for mid-career high calibre men and women under the auspices of Commonwealth Study Conferences (Australia) Inc in partnership with Commonwealth Study Conferences (New Zealand). The planning and delivery of the program is the responsibility of the Pacific Leadership Foundation Board established by CSC (Australia) in 2008 with wide senior-level representation from the Pacific region. EPLD's have to date been successfully staged for a total of 245 participants in 2006 and 2010.

Leaders in the Pacific region need to have clear vision and strong skills to address the complex challenges of globalization, interdependence and the environment as well as being mindful of the importance of preserving the values that bind people and communities.

EPLD 2014 is committed to inspire and uplift outstanding individuals with proven leadership experience or high leadership potential so that they may contribute to:

  • leadership and governance in the Pacific region,
  • the long term development and stability of the region,
  • promotion of regional understanding and co-operation through an improved  network of key relationships across sectors and nations/territories.
  • This intensive, exciting and intellectually demanding program will bring together up to 120 or so individuals to examine, discuss and report on current strategic issues across the Pacific region. Successful applicants will be identified through an intensive selection process involving country/territory selection panels. As for the first and second EPLD's, selection panels will make recommendations for conference membership for mid-career men and women who are assessed as likely to be appointed to the most senior levels of leadership and influence in their respective organizations over the next 5 to 10 years.

    We expect to again assemble an impressive group of prospective leaders to participate in EPLD 2014 from American Samoa, Australia, Cook Islands, East Timor, Federated States of Micronesia, Fiji, French Polynesia, Guam, Kiribati, Nauru, New Caledonia, New Zealand, Niue, Northern Marianas, Palau, Papua New Guinea, Republic of the Marshall Islands, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Tonga, Tuvalu, Vanuatu and Wallis and Fortuna. 


  • Promote a culture of leadership across the Pacific that region is aligned with democratic values and good governance.
  • Develop participants' leadership skills and broaden their horizons. 
  • Enhance communication, collaborative problem solving and decision-making amongst future regional leaders.
  • Expose participants to diverse cultures and increase their awareness of challenges facing the Pacific region.
  • Build enduring relationships across communities, sectors, countries and territories by creating an active and influential Alumni network.
  • Further EPLD's:

    As these initiatives are planned, delivered and funded as single stand alone projects, no fixed program for future EPLD's has to date been established.

    However, a clear pattern is emerging with EPLD 2006, EPLD 2010 and now EPLD 2014. Hence it is our intention to continue working towards offering these Pacific region leadership programs on a four-yearly cycle.

    Following the implementation of a formal bidding process, it was announced last year that the bids received from New Caledonia for the EPLD 2014 Opening Plenary sessions over 2/3 days and from Vanuatu for the Closing Plenary sessions also over 2/3 days were successful.

    Project Cost:

    The established pattern to date confirms that EPLD 2014 will require a total of some AUD$2.0m (cash) and $0.5m (in kind) to again effectively stage the program.

    Funding and Sponsors:

    As for EPLD 2006 and EPLD 2010, we aim to gain funding support for EPLD 2014 from a range of sponsors including the Australian, New Zealand and French governments; other governments in the Pacific region; The World Bank; and a range

    of private sector companies many of whom have commercial interests in the Pacific region.

    Fundraising efforts for EPLD 2014 have to date been initiated with the Australian and New Zealand Governments and fundraising activities with other public sector organizations and the private sector across the Pacific region commenced during the second half of 2013.

    This timing will provide an opportunity for many organizations to spread funding support for EPLD 2014 over 2 financial years.

    Project Implementation:

    With the experience of EPLD 2006 and EPLD 2010, it is not deemed necessary to pilot the EPLD 2014 project.  As previously, project planning will be over sighted by the widely representative Board of the Pacific Leadership Foundation (PLF) with the detailed planning and implementation undertaken by the EPLD Central Secretariat headed up by Mr. Brian Pickett, Chief Executive, Commonwealth Study Conferences (Australia) Inc. The PLF Board and Central Secretariat will be supported by a range of functional and country/territory level support committees and representatives comprising in total more than 160 Alumni and non-Alumni volunteers.

    Timing & Location:

    At this point, it is envisaged the EPLD 2014 will be staged over a two-week period  from 16-28 October 2014. A maximum of ten study tours to ten separate Pacific region locations in groups of 12/13 participants each are again expected to be implemented during the middle week of EPLD 2014.

    Web Site & Contact:

    From late November 2013, the new EPLD web site can be accessed at The web site for EPLD 2010 can still be accessed at and this site contains considerable information about the last EPLD.


    EPLD Central Secretariat

    November 2013