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Some Testimonials from 2009 ALALP Participants:

Renato Bignami, Brazil:   It is hard to summarise the deep and vast experience of being in the first ALALP. It was a multiple immersion in Australian and Latin American cultures through visits to a wide range of organizations and group discussions which fostered a positive agenda between two very important regions of the world.

Robert McDonald, Peru:   The ALALP has been a great experience and opportunity, establishing relationships that far exceeded expectations. The programme itself, more intense and at the same time more diverse and exciting than other programmes attended, is still fresh and "alive" and an inspiration and motivation for promoting follow-up programmes.

Rebecca Hall (Biazos), Australia:   Taking part in the ALALP was a career and life changing experience for me. Being able to spend a period of time, outside of my usual work commitments, and with a diverse cohort of people from Australia and Latin America, exploring issues of sustainability and future engagement, was one of the most inspiring and effective education programs I have ever been involved in.

Nick Wailes, Australia:   I was a participant in the first ALALP and it was a transformative experience both personally and professionally. On a personal level, the experience of working with emerging leaders from Australia and Latin America on a challenging project provided me with the opportunity to reflect on the type of leader that I wanted to be. Professionally, the program helped build my understanding of the opportunities for trade and engagement between Australia and a number of Latin American countries.

Jorge Castro Sierralta, Chile:   ALALP was an outstanding life experience. It was a unique opportunity to learn about new cultures and people as well as to create long term links between Australia and Latin America. I recommend it fully and hope that others may have valuable experiences as I enjoyed at the first  ALALP in 2009.

Ilonka Eijsink, Brazil:   It was a great experience to be able to be part of ALALP 2009 group. The knowledge that we get from many different sectors in Australia is really amazing and the opportunities that there are still to work on between Australia and Latin America are numerous.   Also a very important part of the program is the contact that you have with many other cultures of Latin America and Australians. For me it was an unforgettable experience that I am very grateful for.

Megan Denny (Young), Australia:   I participated in the ALALP Queensland group in 2009.  It was one of the best experiences of my life.  Not only did I learn about the amazing countries and cultures of Latin America but I learnt a lot about my own county too.  I met some truly amazing people that I am proud to call my friends for life.  The ALALP pushed me to embark on a three-month trip around Central and South America the very next year. 

Candida Costa-Wong (Costa), Australia:   ALALP 2009 provided participants good insight into the Australian economy. We met with a range of companies from small family enterprises to large businesses and learned about their links with Latin America. 

Alfonso Bouroncle, Peru:   ALALP 2009 gave me the opportunity to meet an outstanding group of friends with which I am in constant touch. The experience was profound, left me an incredible impression about Oz and what we can do in LATAM if we start doing things just a little bit differently. Not to mention that my Aussie heart is always present, definitively I became an advocate to Australian-Peruvian relations.

Joe Kelly, Australia:   This program helped me build an understanding of the importance of leadership in building successful organisations, countries and societies. After extensive travel in Central and South America this program gave me the opportunity to build real relationships with people who will be the key to building greater countries in this exciting and diverse region. Following the program I have used the leadership skills I gained daily in my working life as a registered nurse and in the community as a parent, volunteer and political activist.

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