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The theme of the second ALALP again is ‘Sustainability in the Context of the Australian-Latin American Business Relationship’ and the various activities associated with the program are designed to enhance the participants’ understanding of the issues associated with this theme and to support the objectives of the program.

The theme of ‘sustainability’ is broadly defined to include not only environmental concerns, in their broad context, but also related issues such as economic and social development, government regulation and activity, the changing nature of business, the skills and education of the workforce, trade and international relations. The interaction of participants from Australia and Latin America will facilitate the exchange of ideas between people from these countries and learning from each other’s experience. 

This second ALALP follows the first ALALP held in Australia in September/October 2009. ALALP2 013 will take place in Australia over 12 days from 3 October to 14 October inclusive. Thirty six high calibre men and women (half from Australia and half from Latin America) from business, government, trade unions, education and community service organisations including NGO’s have been selected through a public application process. Applications were made on line at and more than 380 formal applications were received. Applications opened for a period of 3 months or so late in November 2012 to permit offers of conference places to be made by the end of April ’13 or shortly after. This lead-time was seen as being required because of the often long process related to finalising Australian Visa applications. In addition to the 36 selected participants, there will also be 3 Australian liaison officers appointed – one for each of the 3 field trip groups each comprising 13 members including the liaison officer.

ALALP 2013 will be staged along the same lines of the highly successful three-stage model utilised by 10 Commonwealth Study Conferences (CSCs) and numerous regional and in country leadership conferences that have been implemented over an extended period since 1956.

Stage 1. The Opening Plenary Sessions:

These will involve 2 days of structured seminars during which the participants will receive presentations from leading experts in various fields on topics, which are central to the ALALP theme.  There will be opportunities for the participants to question the speakers as well as debate and discuss the issues that arise. Guest speakers from industry, government, academia, non-government organisations, unions and community groups will address issues relevant to the general theme of sustainability in Australia (but with reference to the experience of Latin America) such as:

  • Economic and political issues related to sustainability
  • The changing environment of business and implications for sustainability
  • Government regulation and its impact on sustainability
  • Community and non government organisations and their roles in sustainability
  • Education, training and skills development of the workforce for a sustainable future
  • Population issues and a sustainable environment
  • Globalisation, climate change and sustainability.

The discussions about these issues and comparisons made between Australia and Latin America by participants from various countries will provide the basis for informed analysis of the situations that the participants will encounter during the field trips.  These 2 days will provide an opportunity for the participants to begin the process of collaboration as they ‘bond’ together in a structured learning setting. The venue for the Opening plenary sessions will be The University of Technology, Sydney.

Stage 2: Field Trips:

There will be three separate field trips to three different regions of Australia – Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria. For each field trip group participants will be organised into smaller groups of 12 participants each plus a liaison officer. The field trip experience will give members an opportunity to apply the knowledge gained in the plenary sessions to the actual situations in host organisations and communities.

The field trip groups will be structured to ensure not only a mix of Australian and Latin American participants but also including people from a range of different occupational backgrounds and industries. Participants will visit public, private sector and community organisations in each region in order to gain and understanding of how sustainability is sought and achieved in different settings. Opportunities will be provided to participants not only to visit a variety of organisations and industries but also to meet and discuss issues of sustainability with leaders in a wide cross-section of the Australian community.

The visit locations and host organisations for each of the three field trip groups will be selected to encompass not only a range of different regions but also a variety of industries and economic activities. Hence, the focus of each of the field trips groups will include visits to mining and energy, agriculture and agribusiness as well as technology, manufacturing, research and educational sectors across the eastern Australian states. Depending on location, the emphasis for any one field trip group may vary across the above listed sectors of the Australian economy.

Stage 3: The Closing Plenary Sessions:

This final stage will provide an opportunity for participants to prepare and make a presentation of their observations and findings over a 2-day period. This will provide the opportunity for participants to synthesize the findings of their field trips and investigations into various aspects of sustainability. The venue for the Closing plenary sessions will be RMIT University, Melbourne.


The costs associated with accommodation, meals and travel for the duration of the second ALALP (except personal incidental expenses) will be met by the ALALP organisers from seed funding provided by the Australian Government and from sponsorships provided by private and public sector organisations. Successful applicants and/or their employer sponsors are expected to meet their travel costs from home to the conference opening and from the conference closing to home.

The budget for ALALP 2013 anticipates total expenditure of some $400,000 to stage this important leadership development program.


September 2013

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