The Australia Latin America Leadership Program (ALALP) is an important and unique new leadership development program scheduled to be staged in Australia in September/October 2009.

General: This initiative is supported by the Australian Government's Council on Australia Latin America Relations (COALAR) and plans to bring together 36 high calibre mid-career managers and officials (18 from each of Australia and Latin America) drawn from business, government, trade unions, education, the arts, the community service sector including NGO’s etc for a practical and intensive leadership program over a 12 day period.

Theme:  The theme of the ALALP is "Sustainability in the Context of the Australia-Latin America Business Relationship".

Applications:  Applications for this important event can be made from Monday 16 March 2009 via an on line application process available on this web site. See "Applications" tab.

Sponsorship:  Support in cash or in kind and hosts organisations for three separate field trips of 12 participants each to separate geographical areas of Australia are being actively sought. Information for potential sponsors is available under the "Sponsorship" tab.

Testimonials:  Attention is also drawn to a number of testimonials received supporting this initiative for emerging leaders including a statement of support from the Australian Ministers for Foreign Affairs and Trade as well as the Mexican Ambassador to Australia on behalf of the Latin American Heads of Mission in this country. See "Testimonials" tab.