EPLD 2006 Testimonials


"I am happy to give my in-principle endorsement to the proposed conference...The link between leadership and the themes of good governance, law and order and sustainable economic development is vital to the region's current and future prosperity."

The Hon John Howard

Prime Minister of Australia


"The conference...should offer a valuable learning opportunity for emerging Pacific leaders, as well as encouraging the sharing of this learning throughout the participants' communities."

The Rt Hon Helen Clark

Prime Minister of New Zealand


"The proposed conference will both contribute to promoting a better understanding of the problems and challenges facing our region today and will help to build multi sectoral partnerships among diverse groups in the Pacific Islands and Australia and New Zealand."

Greg Urwin

Secretary General

Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat


"Our emerging leaders must have clear vision and strong skills to address the challenges of globalisation and interdependence in the 21st century. At the same time they will need to preserve the values that preserve communities...This initiative is a dynamic and intensive leadership development opportunity for future decision makers in the Pacific region."

Dick Warburton


Commonwealth Study Conferences

(Australia) Inc.


Ralph Waters

CEO, Fletcher Building Ltd

Member, Commonwealth Study

Conferences (NZ) Trust


"As a former Commonwealth Study Conference member, I know that the Emerging Pacific Leaders' Dialogue 2006 will be a rich and rewarding experience for participants. It will also be of enormous benefit to the region by improving the quality of decision-making amongst future leaders as they increasingly occupy positions of influence in their chosen occupations."

Carolyn Bloch


Steering Committee

EPLD 2006